EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an innovative, evidence-based therapy that can help individuals who are struggling with symptoms of PTSD, Complex Trauma, or feeling stuck after a difficult experience. Unlike traditional talk therapy, EMDR uses a process known as bilateral stimulation to revisit past traumatic memories while reducing the fear response. This allows the brain to process and fully integrate the experience, which can ultimately help you find relief from distressing symptoms.

50 minutes  |  $160 + GST
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Robyn Bogue
Registered Clinical Counsellor (#12793)
anxiety, depression, life-transitions, parenting, burnout, compassion-fatigue, grief-and-loss, ocd, people-pleasing, perfectionism, personal-growth, relationships-and-relational-challenges, self-esteem, stress, trauma
attachment-theory, cbt, dbt, emotion-focused-therapy, emdr, person-centred-therapy, trauma-informed
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