Whether you're struggling with stress and anxiety or trying to heal from a traumatic experience, we're here to provide you with a safe and supportive space to explore your thoughts and feelings.

How do you know when it's time to try counselling?

You may notice that you are not feeling like yourself lately. Perhaps your mood is suffering. Maybe you are not performing at your best, at home or at work. Possibly, you wish that your relationships felt more satisfying and connected. Whatever you find yourself struggling with, Cadence can help.

How does online counselling work?

In many ways online counselling is much simpler than seeing a therapist in person. However, there are some things to keep in mind. You will need a secure internet connection, a computer, tablet or phone, as well as a private place to attend the session. Before your appointment time your counsellor will send you a link to a private online meeting. Just click the link at the start time and you are good to go. You may need to turn your computer camera on and make sure your speakers and microphone are set up, so it is a good idea to click the link a few minutes early the first time.

What will happen in the first session?

The first session is when you and your therapist learn about each other. You will have a chance to explain what is going on for you in a supportive, nonjudgmental space. Your therapist will listen carefully, ask clarifying questions, and begin to understand what is going well and not-so-well in your life. Your counsellor may ask about your previous experiences in counselling, so they can discover what works for you and what does not. By the end of the session both you and your therapist will have a better idea of what your work together will entail and how you can move forward in the therapeutic relationship. Of course, you can ask your therapist any questions you have about their training, experience and approach at any time.

Do you offer direct billing?

Unfortunately, we're currently unable to offer direct billing for counselling services. We provide a receipt after each session with all the information required for submitting a claim through your extended health provider. This includes the counsellor's name and registration number, date and length of session, rate, and total.

Are all of your counsellors registered?

Yes, all of our counsellors are registered health professionals. Our team is made up of both Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCC) and Registered Social Workers (RSW), and all have met the qualifications and standards set by their respective regulatory bodies in order to provide counselling services.